10 Best Bars in Nice for a Retro Night Out

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10 Best Bars in Nice for a Retro Night Out

Are you tired of the same old modern bars with their overpriced drinks and monotonous atmosphere? Do you yearn for a retro night out that takes you back to a simpler time? Look no further than Nice, a city that boasts an array of vintage-inspired bars that will transport you back in time. Here are the 10 best bars in Nice for a retro night out.

1. Le Ketje

Located in the heart of the Old Town, Le Ketje is a quirky bar that serves up Belgian beer and traditional fare. The decor is inspired by old-school Belgian cafes, and the walls are lined with vintage posters, antique knick-knacks, and Catholic paraphernalia. Grab a seat at the zinc bar or cozy up in one of the red-leather banquettes and take in the lively atmosphere.

2. Le High Club

If you’re looking for a high-energy night out, look no further than Le High Club. This legendary nightclub has been a staple of Nice’s nightlife scene since the ’70s, and it’s still going strong today. The retro decor features disco balls, glitter, and neon lights, and the DJs play an eclectic mix of ’70s and ’80s disco, funk, and pop hits.

3. Bar du Coin

Bar du Coin is a no-frills bar with a cool, retro vibe. The walls are adorned with vintage ads, and the cozy interior features wooden bar stools and old-school checkered floor tiles. The drinks are cheap, and the local crowd is friendly – making Bar du Coin a perfect spot for a casual night out.

4. La Distillerie

La Distillerie is a trendy cocktail bar that combines a vintage atmosphere with modern mixology. The dimly lit interior features exposed brick walls, velvet armchairs, and a bar made of reclaimed wood. The cocktail menu is innovative, and the drinks are expertly crafted – making La Distillerie a must-visit spot for cocktail lovers.

5. Chez Pipo

Chez Pipo is a legendary bar that’s been serving up socca (a traditional Niçois snack made of chickpea flour) and local wine since the 1920s. The interior is charmingly retro, with old wooden tables, vintage ads, and a tin ceiling. Order a glass of wine and a plate of socca, and soak up the old-world atmosphere of this beloved establishment.

6. Bar des Oiseaux

Bar des Oiseaux is a hidden gem located in the hipster neighborhood of Liberation. The decor is funky and eclectic, with vintage wallpaper, bohemian pillows, and a wall covered in bird cages. The atmosphere is relaxed and unpretentious – making it the perfect spot to enjoy a craft beer or a glass of wine with friends.

7. Le Shapko

Le Shapko is a jazz bar located in the heart of the Old Town. The decor is retro chic, with exposed brick walls, velvet armchairs, and vintage photos. The live music ranges from swing to blues to gypsy jazz, and the atmosphere is intimate and cozy. Grab a cocktail and soak up the old-school jazz vibes at Le Shapko.

8. Le Volume

Le Volume is a cool, retro-inspired bar that’s located in an underground vault beneath the city’s old courthouse. The decor is moody and vintage, with plush sofas, dim lighting, and a retro jukebox. The cocktails are creative and delicious, and the underground location gives the bar an edgy, speakeasy vibe.

9. La Bodeguita

La Bodeguita is a cozy, retro bar that serves up delicious tapas and cocktails. The decor is warm and inviting, with exposed brick walls, wooden tables, and vintage photos. The drinks are expertly crafted, and the tapas are perfect for sharing with friends. Enjoy the laid-back atmosphere and soak up the retro vibes at La Bodeguita.

10. La Salsa

La Salsa is a Cuban-inspired bar that’s located in the heart of Nice. The interior is colorful and lively, with Cuban flags, vintage ads, and festive decorations. The bar serves up a variety of tropical cocktails, and the music ranges from salsa to reggaeton to Latin pop. So put on your dancing shoes and head to La Salsa for a retro-inspired night out.

In conclusion, if you’re looking for a retro night out in Nice, these 10 bars are sure to transport you back in time. Whether you’re in the mood for a cozy tapas bar, a lively nightclub, or a cool speakeasy, Nice has something for everyone. So why settle for the same old modern bars when you can enjoy the old-world charm of these vintage-inspired establishments?

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10 Best Bars in Nice for a Retro Night Out