10 Tips for Staying Sober on a Pub Crawl in Nice

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10 Tips for Staying Sober on a Pub Crawl in Nice

If you’re planning a pub crawl in the beautiful city of Nice, France, it can be tempting to drink a little too much as you explore the vibrant nightlife. However, if you’re trying to stay sober, it can be a challenge to navigate these tempting situations. But don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! Here are 10 tips for staying sober during a pub crawl in Nice.

1. Plan ahead

Before you head out for your night of pub crawling, make a plan for how you intend to stay sober. For instance, you could commit to having just one drink or no alcohol at all throughout the night. Stick to your plan and remind yourself why it’s important to stay sober.

2. Know your limits

It’s important to acknowledge your limits when it comes to alcohol consumption. Know how much you can drink without feeling tempted to continue drinking or losing control.

3. Stay hydrated

Drinking water between alcoholic beverages will help you stay hydrated and reduce the temptation to drink more than you should. It will also help you stay clear-headed and focused throughout the night.

4. Eat before and during the pub crawl

Have a substantial meal before heading out for your pub crawl, and make sure to eat something at each stop. This will slow down alcohol absorption and help limit the effects of the alcohol.

5. Choose non-alcoholic drinks

Many bars and clubs in Nice offer a wide range of non-alcoholic drinks. Look for ones that are creative and fun to drink to help you stave off the temptation to indulge in alcohol.

6. Hang out with like-minded people

Surround yourself with people who support your decision to abstain from drinking. This will make it easier to stay sober and enjoy your night out.

7. Take breaks

Take breaks throughout the night to step outside, breathe fresh air, and clear your head. This will help you stay sober and refreshed throughout the night.

8. Have an accountability partner

Find a friend who will support your decision to stay sober and hold you accountable throughout the night. Knowing that someone else is there for you will give you emotional support and a sense of motivation.

9. Remember your goals

Life has plenty of goals that are worth accomplishing, and staying sober during a pub crawl should be one of them. Keep in mind why you made the decision to stay sober and remind yourself of those reasons throughout the night.

10. Head home early

Finally, leave early if you need to. Don’t feel pressured to stay out all night if you’re feeling tempted to drink or if you’re simply too tired. Remember that taking care of your own well-being is the most important thing.


Staying sober on a pub crawl in Nice might seem like a daunting challenge, but with a little preparation and determination, it’s more than possible. Remember your goals, stay hydrated, and surround yourself with supportive people who understand your choice to stay sober. You can have fun and enjoy the nightlife in Nice without drinking alcohol.

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10 Tips for Staying Sober on a Pub Crawl in Nice