A Guide to Nice’s Pub Food: What to Eat on Your Night Out

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A Guide to Nice’s Pub Food: What to Eat on Your Night Out

Nice, located in the south of France, is well known for its dock, promenade des anglais, and scenic beauty. Visitors and residents alike, however, also appreciate the city’s excellent pub cuisine. Whether it’s in the form of delicious dishes or local brews, the pubs in Nice offer a culinary experience that leaves a lasting impression. Here are some of the best pub foods in Nice that you should try on your night out.

Nicoise Salad

Let’s begin with a dish that is highly popular in the region, the Nicoise Salad. A Nicoise Salad features tomatoes, anchovies, hard-boiled eggs, tuna, olives, and capers—a perfect blend of flavors that results in a refreshing and satisfying main meal. Washed down with a cold glass of local wine, it is a favorite among regulars at many Nice pubs.


Socca is a native specialty that originates from Nice town. It is a simple-focused flatbread made with chickpea flour, water, and olive oil. At some of the local pubs, the flatbread is often combined with a spritz of lemon juice and black pepper. It is an excellent dish for an evening out with friends since it is both nutritious and appetizing.


Pissaladière, a mouthwatering type of tart pastry, is another traditional dish from Nice. It is made up of caramelized onions, olives, herbs, and anchovies baked on a crispy, savory dough base. It is a delicate entrée that makes a perfect starter for those who wish to indulge in some Mediterranean flavors.

Tarte Tropezienne

Tarte Tropezienne features a sugar glaze flanked by light, custard cream encased in soft, sweet bread. The recipe was created in 1955 and has since become a Nice celebration staple. This mid-afternoon snack is a tasty choice to wash down with a cup of coffee or tea before you enjoy the rest of your night.

Socca chips

If you’re in the mood for chips but want something unique, then try Socca chips. The dish is made by frying thin slices of chickpea flour (that is, socca) until they’re crunchy and shiny. It is often served with a dipping sauce, and it is said that once you try socca chips, regular chips never taste the same.

In conclusion, Nice’s pub offerings are a feast for the senses, and the perfect complement to a night out. Whether it’s an entrée, a light snack, or a glass of locally crafted wine, make sure to indulge in the local custom of delightful pub food, for the ultimate experience in French cuisine.

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A Guide to Nice’s Pub Food: What to Eat on Your Night Out