Pub Crawl Etiquette: A Guide for Tourists in Nice

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Pub Crawl Etiquette: A Guide for Tourists in Nice

Visiting Nice as a tourist and want to experience the lively nightlife with a pub crawl? It’s important to know the basic pub crawl etiquette to make your experience enjoyable for all the participants. Here are some tips on how to behave while going on a pub crawl in Nice.

Plan Ahead

Before starting a pub crawl, plan ahead. Research for the best bars in town and write down their names or addresses. It’s better to have a clear direction to avoid losing track of where you’re headed. Try to make reservations at the bars in advance to avoid any disappointments.

Stay within the Group

Remember that you’re with a group of people, so don’t wander off on your own. Stick together with your group and avoid breaking up. Don’t get too drunk and ruin the night for everyone else. Stay in control of yourself and be responsible.

Tip the Bartenders

Tipping is a common practice in Nice. When you’re at a pub, tip the bartenders well. The better the service, the better the tip. It can go a long way in getting good service at the next bar. However, if you’re on a budget, tipping is not mandatory but a kind gesture.

Respect the Locals

Remember that you’re a visitor in someone else’s town. Respect the locals and their culture. Don’t be too loud or obnoxious and avoid causing any trouble. Be polite and friendly towards everyone you meet. A way to show your respect is by learning some French phrases as well.

Don’t Drink and Drive

It’s never a good idea to drink and drive. If you’re planning to drink, make sure you have a designated driver or take a taxi. Public transportation is also available in Nice, and it’s always better to be safe than sorry.


A pub crawl in Nice can be an enjoyable experience if everyone follows the basic pub crawl etiquette. Plan ahead, stay within the group, tip the bartenders, respect the locals, and don’t drink and drive. Follow these tips and have a great night out!

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Pub Crawl Etiquette: A Guide for Tourists in Nice