Pub Crawl with a Local Foodie: Exploring Nice’s Gourmet Bars and Pubs

Want to explore Nice by night and discover its hidden gems? Join our pub crawl here in Nice to navigate the city’s top spots and immerse yourself in the authentic Riviera vibe. Every pint, every place, a story to remember.

Pub Crawl with a Local Foodie: Exploring Nice’s Gourmet Bars and Pubs

If you are a foodie and love exploring new bars and pubs, then a pub crawl in Nice is a perfect vacation activity. The city has numerous innovative bars and restaurants that serve incredible food and drinks. However, discovering the best places for a drink and a bite to eat can be a challenge. That is where local foodies come in. They know the culinary scene like the back of their hand and can guide you to the city’s hidden gems.

Start your Pub Crawl at K’s Wine Bar

K’s Wine Bar is a delightful spot to begin your pub crawl. It is just a five-minute walk from Place Massena, the city’s central square. This brewery’s natural lighting and large sliding doors create a bright and cheerful atmosphere. The bar serves a wide range of wines, both local and international. Their wine selection is paired with delicious tapas that incorporate different types of local cheeses, olives, and bread. Don’t miss their truffle cheese tapas, as it is heavenly.

Move to Les Distilleries Ideales

Located in the heart of the Old Town, Les Distilleries Ideales is a trendy, elegant bar that serves a wide range of cocktails. Each of their stunning concoctions is made using locally-sourced, organic ingredients. Try one of their signature cocktails, the Sage Advice, and savor the flavors of lavender, gin, and pear. Their burrata tapas is just one of the many innovative dishes that the chef serves.

Stop at Aux Ptits Anges

The last stop on the foodie pub crawl is Aux Ptits Anges, a rare gem in the city center. The bar is situated in a cozy courtyard and serves the most unique cocktails in the city. The menu features cocktails infused with rosemary, thyme, and even basil. Pair your drink with their tapas list, which includes salmon mousse, mini burgers, and delicious goat cheese crostini.


There is no better way to explore the city’s culinary scene than with a local foodie. Guided by an expert, you can sample the best beers and wines paired with delicious tapas. So, if you’re searching for an enjoyable night out in Nice, make sure you add this exciting pub crawl to your itinerary.

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Pub Crawl with a Local Foodie: Exploring Nice’s Gourmet Bars and Pubs