Pub Crawl with a Twist: Exploring Nice’s Burlesque Bars and Pubs

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Pub Crawl with a Twist: Exploring Nice’s Burlesque Bars and Pubs

The French Riviera city of Nice offers more than just their beautiful beaches and stunning views. The nightlife in Nice offers a unique flair with its burlesque bars and pubs. For those looking to spice up their evening out, a burlesque bar crawl in Nice is a must-try.

What is a Burlesque Bar?

A burlesque bar is a trendy drinking establishment with a vintage atmosphere that offers live entertainment in the form of burlesque. Burlesque is a type of performance art that is both sexy and theatrical. It is not only based on seduction but also on satire, making the genre both entertaining and engaging. Burlesque bar not only offers people a chance to see some amazing performances, but it’s also a great way to explore the Nice nightlife scene.

Nice’s Burlesque Bar Scene

Nice has a booming burlesque scene, with many burlesque bars around the city. Each bar offers a different theme, vibe, and entertainment, making each experience unique. Here are some of the best burlesque bars in Nice that shouldn’t be missed.

Le Glam

Le Glam is a burlesque bar that offers a unique experience. The red velvet curtains, plush sofas, and sparkling chandeliers create an intimate and cozy ambiance. The live burlesque shows are mainly focused on cabaret-style performances, and the staff also offers customers their burlesque photography service, complete with burlesque costumes and props.

Le Zorba

Le Zorba, located in the central Nice, is an iconic bar with an extensive history. The place has a retro ambiance that takes customers to the 1920s, the era of the ‘Golden Age of Burlesque.’ The interior is a mix of Gothic, Art Nuevo, and Art Deco designs, making the area uniquely decorated. They offer live burlesque shows with a variety of different performers who perform in various outfits. They also have musical evenings, with DJs playing jazz, soul, funk, and rock, creating an electrifying atmosphere.


Wayne’s is a bar/pub that operates mainly at night, and its dimly lit interior creates a somewhat mysterious atmosphere. This establishment offers burlesque shows with a modern twist, featuring shows with a variety of performers, including stand-up comedians and poets. It is a popular destination for party-goers who are looking for something different.

The Twist of the Pub Crawl

The twist of the burlesque bar crawl is that you get to experience a different ambiance and theme with each bar while enjoying some of the best burlesque shows in the city. The crawl usually visits three to four bars and lasts around four hours. The burlesque bar crawl organizer usually provides customers with a guide, who will introduce them to each bar and provide some background history on each performance. The organizer regularly coordinates with the bars to ensure that customers have a seamless experience.


Nice’s nightlife scene is not only limited to traditional bars and clubs. The burlesque bar culture in Nice is unique and an exciting way to explore the city’s entertainment. Remember to check each bar’s dress code policy before you attend, as they may require guests to follow a specific dress code. The burlesque bar crawl in Nice is a one-of-a-kind experience that you cannot miss while visiting the French Riviera.

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Pub Crawl with a Twist: Exploring Nice’s Burlesque Bars and Pubs