The Best Pubs for a Cosmopolitan Night Out in Nice

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The Best Pubs for a Cosmopolitan Night Out in Nice

Heading to Nice for a vacation? Be sure to head out for an unforgettable night by exploring the best pubs in the town. Nice offers a great nightlife experience with some of the best pubs and bars that cater to all kinds of people. Whether you’re in the mood for dancing to the latest tunes or want to sit back and relax with a drink in hand, the options are limitless. Here are some of the best pubs for a cosmopolitan night out in Nice.

1. Ma Nolan’s Irish Pub

Located in the heart of Old Nice, Ma Nolan’s Irish Pub is a popular spot for both locals and tourists. As the name suggests, they offer an excellent range of beers and spirits making it a perfect spot for a night out. The lively atmosphere at Ma Nolan’s, with live music and friendly employees, makes it one of the top places to visit for a good time.

2. Wayne’s Bar

Situated in the trendy port area, Wayne’s Bar is an American-style pub that offers an exceptional range of drinks, including cocktails and a selection of beers. The bar also has a pool table and dartboard for an added level of entertainment. If you’re looking for something different, Wayne’s Bar is the perfect destination.

3. Le Bistroy

If you’re interested in more of a relaxed atmosphere, Le Bistroy is the perfect spot for you. It offers a calm and comfortable vibe, with the added benefit of exceptional views of the city. The drinks at Le Bistroy are locally sourced, and the knowledgeable bartenders will help you navigate the extensive cocktail list.

4. Le Kosma

If you’re seeking a trendy and stylish ambiance, Le Kosma is one of the best options in Nice. Featuring a chic and inviting decor, Le Kosma is known for its extensive menu of cocktails and aperitifs, and is an excellent choice to let loose and spend an evening with friends.

5. L’Effervescence

L’Effervescence is an elegant champagne bar that offers an extensive menu of champagnes and wines. The bar has an impressive art deco decoration and provides customers with a luxury experience in the heart of Nice.

In conclusion, Nice offers a diverse range of nightlife experiences, with something for everyone to enjoy. The above list of pubs is just a handful of the many options available. So, whether you’re looking for live music, great drinks or just a relaxing atmosphere that has something a little different, Nice has many unforgettable nightlife destinations that will make your evening fantastic.

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The Best Pubs for a Cosmopolitan Night Out in Nice