The Best Pubs for an Artistic Cocktail Experience in Nice

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The Best Pubs for an Artistic Cocktail Experience in Nice

If you’re a fan of cocktails and art, then Nice is the perfect place for you. This stunning French city is known for its beautiful scenery and cultural experiences, and it’s gaining a reputation for its artistic cocktail scene too. Here are some of the best pubs for an artistic cocktail experience in Nice!

1. La Part des Anges

La Part des Anges is a cozy pub decorated with warm colors, and beautiful paintings of angels on its wall. The pub offers a wide range of cocktails, with a focus on French spirits and liqueurs. Their unique artistic approach can be seen in their beautiful presentation of cocktails. So if you are looking for a classy and artistic cocktail experience, this pub is definitely worth a visit.

2. Le Bar des Oiseaux

Located in the old town, Le Bar des Oiseaux is a pub with a beautiful outdoor seating area. It’s known for its beautiful décor, with intricate birdcages and beautiful flowers adorning the area. The pub offers a wide range of cocktails, including some artistic creations. So, whether you want to relax in the beautiful outdoor area, or enjoy a drink inside with beautiful bird sculptures, Le Bar des Oiseaux is the perfect place to unwind and soak up the atmosphere.

3. Les Distilleries Idéales

Les Distilleries Idéales is a sophisticated cocktail bar that offers an extensive cocktail menu. With an innovative and artistic approach to mixology, this pub is suitable for adventurous drinkers. The decor is intimate, with an underground feel that blend seamlessly with their more elaborate cocktails. If you want an adventure and you’re looking for some sophisticated and artistic cocktails, head down to Les Distilleries Ideal.

4. Le Bar du Coin

Le Bar du Coin is a pub that offers a taste of the Provençale culture with its rustic decor. The pub boasts a wide range of cocktails and innovative twists on classic cocktails, with the bartender’s presentation and artistic flair shining through every drink. So, whether you want a classic cocktail or an artistic twist, Le Bar du Coin will have something that suits your taste buds.


Nice has a wide range of pubs that provide an artistic cocktail experience. If you want to experience the perfect blend of art and cocktails, then these pubs will not disappoint you. From Les Distilleries Idéales for the most sophisticated of drinkers, to the casual beauty of Le Bar du Coin, the artistic cocktail scene in Nice has something for everyone.

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The Best Pubs for an Artistic Cocktail Experience in Nice